Cheats & Eats Diet Programme

Here is a book jacket design I did for US diet guru, Jackie Wick’s “Cheats & Eats” programme. Already a success in America, the book was to be released in the UK, in conjunction with Healthspan and nutritionalist Rob Hobson. I was briefed in to redesign the jacket to suit British tastes.

The idea behind this diet programme is that there is flexibility within it to enjoy some nice nibbles as well, so you’re not just resigned to eating celery for months.

The cover was originally done as a photoshoot. However the items of food were being changed so much that in the end I photoshopped the whole lot, so that each piece of food was movable and interchangeable. The final book jacket design was one mammoth photoshop file but the author was very happy with the result.

The book is now available throughout the UK, in Waterstones and on Amazon too.

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