Kindness Guernsey

The Dandelion Foundation, a group tasked with making Guernsey the best place to live in the world, came to me with job to cause a little happy disruption in peoples lives.

The week before they had invited kindness guru, Nipun Mehta to talk on the power of generosity. Inspired by Nipun, they wanted to bring a random acts of kindness campaign to Guernsey.

The Dandelion’s briefed me for an identity, kindness cards, mail shots, Guernsey Press adverts and online social campaign to spread the random kindness concept to islanders.

We did a blitz campaign to spread the message, including a door drop to the entire island. 400 thousand Kindness Guernsey Cards were distributed to the 30 thousand homes and businesses. The aim of this was to create awareness of how kindness can change people and the island as a whole for the better.

With the cards distributed, the Dandelions hit the streets, with the help of John Sweeney from Suspended Coffees and caused a bit of joyous mischief around the island… handing out flowers to random people passing by… Free hugs to strangers… Getting local bands to put on free gigs in pubs… the kindness was relentless!

Guernsey folk embraced the concept brilliantly and a lot of love was spread across the Bailiwick. Find out more about the Kindness Guernsey experiment here