Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo lived in Guernsey in exile for 15 years and penned many great pieces of literature and art, including “The Toilers of the Sea” and “Les Misérables”. Whilst drawing his portrait I found this quote from Toilers of the Sea…


“A man’s eye reveals his quality. It shows how much of a man there is within us. We declare ourselves by the light that gleams under our eyebrows. Petty spirits merely wink; great spirits emit a flash of lightning.”

Victor Hugo, The Toilers of the Sea


Hopefully you can see the flash of lightening in Hugo’s eyes in my portrait of him.

Victor Hugo’s impressive house in Guernsey, Hauteville House, is currently closed for restoration. It’s opening again in spring 2019 and I can’t wait to see it in its full splendour.

I have also helped design “Soul of the Sea” an illustrated poetic adaptation of The Toilers of the Sea by Charlie and Magnus Buchannan. Its stunning and well worth a read. Find out more here

Charcoal on paper.